Sunday, November 22, 2020

Using a Yellow Underpainting

Starting with a yellow underpainting puts "fire in the belly" of a gray painting.

The yellow layer is made up of a thin layer of casein brushed on in advance of the plein-air session. 

The underpainting gets mostly covered up by opaque or semi-opaque paint, but it manages to peek through in a few places.

 This YouTube excerpt is from my new Gumroad tutorial "TRIADS

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Mitch M. said...

Awesome painting James! I am certainly inspired by your work,Thank you.
You also answered a question that i was going to ask about using tinted gesso as a underpainting. I have tinted white casein also but it took quite a while to dry.(three plus days)
I refer to "Color and Light" weekly, a great instructional book and purchased "Dinotopia" for the grandkids with the hope of inspiring them as well.
Thanks again!