Sunday, December 3, 2023

World Beneath Audio Adventure / Cassette Version

For the retro enthusiast, cassettes are the best way to listen to a audio dramatization because they're so portable and fun to use, and they remember where you left off. 

They're a great way to wean your kids away from screens and show them the tech you used when you were their age. 

And this production is one of the best audio adventures, with a full cast, music by Tim Clark, and rich sound effects by ZBS Studios.


  1. Man, I grew up listening to this over and over, it is such a fantastic piece of storytelling. The voice acting, narration, and sounds bring it so to life.
    If anyone is on the fence take the dive! It is terrific!

  2. It's delightfully amazing how an audio presentation of a picture book can be this good! It makes me wish for audio programs of the remaining two books. Even better would be a Dinotopia movie made by Dreamworks or anyone who could do it justice. Us fans could always use a little more Dinotopia. Just a hair of the dog, please.


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