Friday, July 27, 2007

Illustrated Books

Here’s a sketch of my friend Barry Klugerman. He drove up from New York City and we spent an afternoon in the screen porch looking at art books. Barry is a collector of illustrated books and knows a lot about American and European illustrators from the “golden age,” around 1890-1920. Through him I’ve learned about amazing artists like Jose Segrelles and Fortunino Matania who are not well enough known.


Anonymous said...

Charles Vess has turned me on to quite a few illustrators I'd never seen before. He and Mike Kaluta are a bad influence on my wallet! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was talking to Barry at IlluXcon this year and he told me about all these amazing artists I still need to discover, I'm looking forward to this, very much so

Unknown said...

José Segrelles era familia mia y llevo años estudiando su obra, es muy interesante, un pionero en la pintura fantástica. Vivió en Nueva York de 1929 a 1932 y apareció obra suya en las mejores revistas americanas. Me encantaría contactar con Barry Klugerman para hablar de Segrelles.
Enhorabuena por el blog.
José Enrique Segrelles