Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Art By Committee: Enchanting Voice

On Wednesdays we've been playing a group sketch game called "Art By Committee." I present an actual excerpt from a science fiction manuscript and you have all week to illustrate it.

This week’s challenge about an enchanting voice brought out amazingly creative solutions ranging from heartwarming to comic to romantic to vaguely sinister.

If you were too busy to contribute this week, and are looking for a reason to goof off, I hope you can join in next time. The new challenge is at the end of this post.

Alicia Padron

John Randall York

Andy Wales

Roberta Baird Christoffer Gertz Bech

Susan Adsett

Anna Myers

Rob Hummer

And the one from the original sketchbook.

Here’s next week’s quote: “He felt violated, somehow. It was unbearable to him to see these detested creatures, mutated rodents, among things he’d loved all his life.”

Have fun! Please scale your JPG to around 700 pixels across. Title it with your name, send it to: jgurneyart(at), subject line ABC, and let me know in your email if you want me to link to your blog or website. Please have your entries in by next Tuesday at 10:00 AM Eastern Time USA.


Unknown said...

Good job, everybody. Every single one is unique and creative. Mark's is particularly evocative. So simple, but scary! Love the browns.

Roberta said...

This was a fun one.. eh?
Great entries!!!

Raluca said...

Really funny entries!Congrats to all participants!I regret I didn´t had time last weeks to participate!Looking forward to see the outcomes of ''the violateing scene'' next week!!Best of wishes!!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Wonderful work! I loved seeing all the different interpretations. I find it fascinating how each mind works in such different ways.

And I agree with Andrew, Mark's is very much evocative. It really spoke to me.