Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brodner at the Rockwell

The Norman Rockwell Museum is hosting an exhibition of political satire and caricature called “Raw Nerve: The Political Art of Steve Brodner.”

Steve happened to be in the museum yesterday when Jeanette and I stopped by. We got to talking, and when it was time to exchange business cards, we both found we were all out of cards.

So we made custom cards, starting with a caricature of each other.

Here’s Steve’s drawing of me.

Later, while Steve was regaling some fans with some funny stories about drawing Sarah Palin, I did another sketch of him.

He took the sketchbook, turned it sideways, and created a new drawing of me, using the portrait of him as a starting point. It’s the first time I’ve “shared a nose” with a fellow artist.

If you can make it to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, don’t miss the exhibition. It contains over 100 pencil, pen, and watercolor originals, along with lots of videos of Steve drawing. His work is a rare combination of complete honesty, deep feeling, biting wit, and consummate skill. The exhibition will be on show through Oct 26.

Visit Steve Brodner’s blog and website.
Norman Rockwell Museum, link.
Society of Illustrators Museum in NYC is also hosting "Politics O8", link.


Gayle said...

you should also check out his naked campaign videos on the New Yorker Website... ... I check every day to see if he adds a new one.

Anonymous said...

I really, really enjoy reading your blog. I came for Dinotopia news, but it's stuff like this that really makes your blog well rounded and completely fascinating.

James Gurney said...

Gayle, that's a great link, and I recommend it too. Steve has made caricature into a spellbinding performance medium. He and I talked about how drawing is a magical process.

Twilightcat, thanks for your kind words. Doing the blog gives me an excuse and a little dose of extra courage to dig into a new topic.

jeff said...

I love Steve Brodner's work.

The drawings you guys did together are great.

thanks for the links as well, Gayle.

Another of my favorite artist in this arean is David Levine who also does some amazing watercolor work.

Unknown said...

I will be presenting to some Massachusetts librarians on the topic of "Using Comics to Teach" in October. I think I might be able to make this show! Thanks for the heads up.

I've heard of rubbing elbows with other artists but -- noses?

Brodner and Levine are both great. I always like Sorel too. I like that scribbly line.

Unknown said...

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