Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Night Class, 1881

Electrical lights were a new-fangled invention when Jehan-Georges Vibert (French, 1840 - 1902) exhibited “A Night Class” (Un atelier de soir) in the Paris Salon of 1881 (See post below for the image). Congratulations to the 8% of you who guessed the right answer.

The artist himself describes the painting this way:
"Under smoldering electric lights, a model in historical costume poses for eager, ambitious art students. A few of them might have real talent, some could become commercial artists, but most, unfortunately, have no future in art at all."

The painting is in the collection of the Cleveland Museum and is not on display.

Cleveland Museum page: link
Biography and works by Vibert, link.
Timeline of the electric light, link.

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LGHumphrey said...

I suppose van Gogh and Gauguin would have been among those who he considered to have no future in art at all.