Monday, January 11, 2010

Prado’s 19th Century Collection

Blog reader Carlos Ygoa of Spain reports that the Prado Museum in Madrid has recently reinstalled their collection of 19th-century Spanish painting.

Carlos says, “This was the collection that used to be on view in the Casón del Buen Retiro, a sort of annex of the Prado that has been under renovation for years now. Because of this renovation, the paintings were hidden from public view for a long time. The paintings, which include works by Sorolla, Fortuny, Rosales, the Madrazos, as well as other big names of 19th C Spanish painting, have now found a permanent place in 12 new salas of the Prado.”

More info at the Prado site.

The painting is by Carlos de Haes (Spanish) "Mancorbo Canal in Picos de Europa," 1876


Mary Bullock said...

Absolutely beautiful painting!!

Björn said...

After vising Prado for the first time this summer during the Sorolla exhibiton, I can't wait until I go there again and this might very well be worth a weekend trip to Madrid.

My Pen Name said...

if you are in Madrid, see the Sorolla museum.. his house was converted into a musuem after he died. its cheap, never crowded and filled with great paintings - especially the very personal ones of his family. I spent more time there than the prado.

Also, it has quite a few of his drawings, watercolors which i had never seen anywhere else (not even in books)

also, new yorkers, the sorolla murals should be back up at the hispanic society this year, which also has a great collection of 19th century spanish

I wanted to see that Sorolla retrospective at the prado but missed it :(

tayete said...

In front of El Prado, you can find the Thysen Museum, with the biggest private collection of art. Many pictures you have seen in art books are there, and it is amazing not so many people know it. There you may find artists and their pieces from the Medieval Era to nowadays, in a museum nearly as big as El Prado.

I wish I had more time to go there more frequently (I am only 200km away), but...

Tim said...

Yea, that's great! Too bad it wasn't open when I went to the Sorolla show! I was mortified when I saw some of the prints in the gift shop, so amazing! Im gonna have to get back there somehow. I went to the Sorolla museum. and as "My pen name" points out, we had the place to ourselves. They also allow photographs. I took a bunch and posted on my blog (link in my sig)