Saturday, April 28, 2012

American Artist Competition

While I'm on the subject of American Artist magazine, I should mention that they're celebrating their 75th anniversary by hosting an exhibition at the Salmagundi Club in New York next year.

The core artists have already been chosen, but they're inviting others to enter via a competition. If your work is in the tradition of the following artists, or if you "consider representational art a significant part of your influence or practice, but are expanding and experimenting in new directions," then this exhibition is for you.

Exhibiting core artists include: Stephen AssaelBo BartlettJudith CarducciJacob CollinsMartha ErlebacherDaniel GravesDaniel E. GreeneQuang HoEverett Raymond KinstlerDavid A. LeffelSherrie McGrawDan McCawOdd NerdrumAnne PackardPhilip PearlsteinJohn Howard SandenRichard SchmidNelson ShanksBurton SilvermanMary Whyte, and Jamie Wyeth.

The competition is limited to USA artists. The fee for entering three pieces is $75. There's a student rate, and there are prizes. Deadline is October 8.
About the exhibition
Rules for American Artist Competition


Gregory Lee said...

Can't make it, but it's nice to see that there is a dinosaur stamp. Maybe USPS will have you design the next one.

Miranda Meeks said...

Beautiful typography on that postcard!

James Gurney said...

Gregory -- Thanks. It was an honor to design that stamp. It was part of the "World of Dinosaurs" commemorative set that I painted for USPS, released in 1997. Back then, 32 cents was enough for a first class letter, but now it's just enough to cover a postcard.

Eileen said...

Not to take anything away from the wonderful stamp or American Artist Magazine, but I do feel obliged to take any obvious opportunity to question why women artists are virtually always outnumbered by men, as with this show. There are 16 male artists and 5 female artists in the core group already chosen for the exhibition. Really! It's 2012 not 1612 (nor even 1937). I have written to the magazine about this type situation before. Obviously, no response.

Anonymous said...

Eileen, I noticed that too (hard not to). Same kind of standard applies in the field of literary arts (see In a word, disheartening.

James, I admire your blog and your handwriting! Would love to see a post sometime on how you taught yourself copperplate.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Anon. I shot some video and I'll do a video post about Copperplate script when I can get around to it.

Eileen, good point. The featured artists are mostly white male. I wonder what the gender breakdown would be among American Artist's subscribers and workshop attendees. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority are women.

Eileen said...

Thank you Anon for the vidaweb site. It boggles my mind that this still goes on. I recall all too well, back in 1976, art directors (read all male) who were very impressed by my portfolio asking me why I wanted to be an illustrator and why not just get married. Hopefully such stupid questions aren't asked anymore but clearly the attitude in the art world is still in full force.

And Jim, I had to smile - of course the vast majority of consumers of art periodicals and workshops are women.

Thanks for your wonderful blog.