Saturday, October 27, 2012

Waterfall City Mosaic

Dan Gamaldi is a stained glass and mosaic artist in San Francisco. A few years ago he asked permission to do a mosaic of Waterfall City on the floor of the entry to his shop, which is called "Cradle of the Sun.". It's about four by five feet. Nice job, Dan!

Here's a video interview of Dan Gamaldi


Jonesport Nortons said...

I work with pre-schoolers who LOVE books about dinosaurs...have you thought of creating Dinotopia books of a level for pre-readers? I have shown my students Dinotopia but the books are a little bit too much for this age group (3-6 years)...I admire your work. Perhaps a series of ten books? I believe they would inspire millions of readers.

James Gurney said...

Hi, Jonesport, I've considered adapting some of my books for younger readers, but I've found people of all ages can get something out of them as they're written now. It's OK if stuff goes over some reader's heads. I'm not naturally cut out for writing to a targeted age group. I've met so many 4 and 5 year olds who are dino experts that I've thrown out any assumption about what people of different ages are capable of or interested in.