Saturday, August 31, 2013

Still Life in a Diner Booth

Our timing was lucky on Tuesday and we got my favorite booth at the Red Hook Diner, the one with neon sign in the window that says OPEN.

Barbara brought the coffee right away and took our breakfast order. That left me with 22 minutes before the scrambled eggs would come.

I used black and white casein for most of the painting and then brought out the watercolor to give the highlights a warm and cool touch.

I was using Richeson / Shiva casein
1/4 inch flat brush 
Moleskine watercolor notebook
Waterman Phileas red fountain pen 
Lots of info on casein at Richeson's FAQ
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mdmattin said...

James, very nice study. Did you use the pen for the dark black lines defining the base of the pitcher and other objects? So far I've found it difficult to get rich darks in casein, and in fact have taken to using black as a mixing color for that reason.
I also like the Ed Hopper reference on your sleeve.

James Gurney said...

MD, Thanks. For the thin black and white lines, I used the Caran d' Ache colored pencils. I suppose I could have used casein for those, but I like to switch to pencils for linear touches. And yes, Hopper's the Man.

Rosa said...

Can I just say that I am in awe of your talent--that you can do this in 22 minutes--