Saturday, January 25, 2014

Art Teacher Portrait Winners

We received several dozen entries for the "Sketch Your Art Teacher" contest, and it was really difficult to narrow them down to the winners. I'm very excited to present you the ones I chose as the best of the best.

First, here are the five finalists:

Sean Cheatham, drawn by David Patel at Art Center in Pasadena, CA.
David captured Sean's way of holding his painting brush and his off-hand brushes, plus the tattoo on his left arm, and I love the slight exaggeration of the shapes. The nervous pen line has a lot of energy.

Pratibha Singh, drawn by Annada N Menon  at the College of Fine Arts in Bangalore, India.
This is a very sympathetic portrait which makes every mark count. Very nice feeling to the eyes and the expression.

Andrew Peno of Peno School of Arts in Adelaide, South Australia by Nic Arrighi.
Fine job capturing a personality, with wonderful shapes, and a bold brush-and-ink line that really reflects the strength of the character.
Dwight Harmon by Thomas Webb, Art Center.
Wonderful expression, and it's great to see the tools. This shows how much character you can get by departing from naturalism. 

The quote says "Barron Storey wants art to come out of your body." That sounds like Barron. And the posture looks like him, too. 

And now, the Grand Prize Winner:
Kaspar Schäper by Daniel Napp, Münster UAS-Illustration.
This portrait is efficiently painted, and yet it conveys the poise and concentration of the subject. This could only have been done with a big brush, well loaded with paint, straight ahead with no lay-in. I love the way the wet shapes of the arm and the neck merge into the blue of the shirt, and I love the bits of white paper left untouched. Masterful job!

So thanks to everyone who entered. It was really tough to choose. And to the winners, please email me your mailing address, and I'll get the posters and the DVD on their way to you.


Making A Mark said...

Great sketches everybody - and a worthy winner - well done!

I must confess I do love seeing somebody who has sketched directly using a brush without any pencil guidelines. Such sketches always feel very alive to me.

Juan Carlos Barquet said...

Great sketches! Looking forward to more fun contests in the future.

Anonymous said...

I just realized hosting the image at imageshack when I emailed it didn't retain the file name which had my Art teachers name in it.

His name is Andrew Peno of Peno School of Arts in Adelaide, South Australia

Unknown said...

They all look great! I drew Sean at Art Center in Pasadena by the way.

John VanHouten said...

I was behind on my blog reading and I missed this contest! Great stuff! I hope to participate next time.

mp said...

Dwight Harmon. Wonderful to see his essence again.

Great sketches, all.

Ernest Friedman-Hill said...

Great job, everyone! Would actually have loved to see the whole field...

Unknown said...

awesome work!
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