Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cartoons about Modern Art

 For more than a century, cartoonists have loved to take aim at modern art.

This 1910 cartoon caricatures the paintings themselves. Around them, exhibition patrons express various forms of puzzlement and consternation. In the upper right, an American art student likes the color harmonies. At the bottom is a group of people laughing uproariously, with the line "From the pictures' point of view."

From Britain's humor magazine Punch: "Farmers! Protect your crops using 'Binks Patent Futurist Scarecrow'. Specially designed by an eminent Cubist. No bird has ever been known to go within three fields of it."

 "I just can't wait to see your work, old fellow." (Peter Arno, 1953)

A Renaissance painter comes up with the tomato soup idea long before Warhol.


Rich said...

That's hilarious:

Hard to elect any favourite here:

but the Renaissance-Warhol-Tomato-Soup-Leonardo one qualifies:-))

Tom Sarmo said...

Ah those Cartoon Modern Art-ists...

David Briggs said...

One of my favourites:

Unknown said...

lovely cartoons if you want more please come here ( THE CAT CONCERTO TOM AND JERRY )