Friday, October 3, 2014

Kevin Crawford on the Flute

Here's Irish flutist Kevin Crawford, sketched from life in a pub session. It's just a couple inches square drawn in watercolor and water-soluble colored pencils.

He's a wonderfully dynamic player, and in truth he looks a lot less cadaverous than I made him appear -- sorry Kevin!


Karen Tighe said...

Oh thats super! both the portrait and the video.

Martha said...


Unknown said...

Hi James,
Thanks so much for all you do here. I have learned a lot and have been inspired to pursue a greater understanding of color and technique than I had otherwise since reading your blog. I have your watercolor in the wild dvd and it has pushed my watercolors to a better level of competency for sure. I was thinking about adding either a Payne's grey or a neutral tint to my watercolor palette for the sake of expediency. Which one do you think is better?

James Gurney said...

Hi Cedar,
Thanks. I like both Payne's grey and neutral tint. I'd suggest trying them both. I end up using Payne's grey more often in my compact kits. Makes a nice cool dark.