Thursday, March 10, 2016

On-the-Spot Surrealism

I have an article in the new issue of International Artist (#108 April/May) called "On-the-Spot Surrealism."

I share tips for putting an imaginative twist on your plein-air painting—not just fantasy and science fiction ideas, but also changing the lighting, pose, or background of what's in front of you. 
More on this approach to outdoor painting in my tutorial Fantasy in the Wild
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Roberto said...

I look forward to reading your article!
Here are a couple of interesting (and somewhat) related essays.
1) “Apollo and Dionysus in the Representational Painting Family Feud”

by Elana Hagler, (was published on December 24, 2014 in Kitsch & Beauty: The Proceedings of The Representational Art Conference 2014, edited by Michael J. Pearce, PhD, MFA.)
“This essay explores the subconscious impulses behind aesthetic choice and offers a framework for a deeper understanding of contemporary representational painting. It is written by a painter with a readership of painters in mind, but is appropriate for anyone who wants this specific peek into the creative psyche.”

And this one from the MET Museum…

B) Heilbrunn-Timeline of Art History: Surrealism

“Surrealism originated in the late 1910s and early ’20s…”

Thanx for the Journey… -RQ

Mitch said...

My issue arrived the other day. It's an inspiring and useful article, even for those like me who don't consider themselves concept artists per se. And I always enjoy having a look inside your sketchbook. James, in my opinion your column all by itself makes a subscription to IA magazine worthwhile.