Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Snow in Kingston

A beam of late afternoon sunlight slashes across the road and wraps over a snowbank. The light is fleeting, and so is the snow.  A tangle of bare branches veils The Governor Clinton Apartments. I want to cram it all into my little book.

March Snow, Kingston, gouache, 5 x 8 inches
I pull the car over next to Academy Green Park in Kingston, New York. It's Saint Patrick's Day, but there's not much green in view. No green on my palette, either. Just a few tubes of gouache: Prussian blue, raw sienna, cadmium yellow deep, perylene maroon, and white.

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A Colonel of Truth said...

Great! Golf applause.

Warren JB said...

That's the thing that gets me: a swathe of bright blue sandwiched between two slices of brown, that eventually comes to form a beam of light falling across an otherwise dimly-lit snow bank. Brilliant. I have trouble identifying what should be the 'base' colour in a painting or sketch (like a given shadow on a saturated object, or a brown as the basis for a beam of bright light...) and visualising what the finished result should be, after that initial blocking-in.

I need to practise more.

Steve said...

Tremendous painting, as always. Love the dry-brushed tree branches.

Hmm...bright orange hat on St. Patrick's Day?

Daroo said...

I like the clean white parking line, clearly staged in the shaft of light as counterpoint to the blue lines in shadow. Great design.