Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Mrs. Basher vs. Big Soda

(Link to video on Facebook) Mrs. Basher won't let Mountain Dew stand in her way.

I did the animation outdoors at a festival, and it was a challenge to focus my attention and screen out distractions.

I love the quote that "animation is concentration," and that's one of the reasons I like doing it.


Daroo said...

Fun! --Maybe the term for this new genre of animating in public by combining puppets, people, gravity and time is "Animasochism"?

The second film does create a frenetic Mise en scene that you don't usually get with animation. But I like how you staged the background "plate" in the original short to better accent Mrs. Basher's action and have the live action people move at a normal speed. I assume it was a digital equivalent of a holdout/traveling matte?

Unknown said...

i was stuck in an airport during a mechanical delay and decided to try this with one of my puppets i was traveling with en-route to Burbank. i love the notion that stop-motion can be 'mobile'
here's a link to the result:

James Gurney said...

Chris, I love that clip — cool idea to have him make and toss a paper airplane, and a great way to pass the waiting time.

Unknown said...

thank you sir.