Saturday, November 9, 2019

Eisaku Wada's Fuji Studies

While looking into Japan's tradition of European-influenced Yōga painting I ran across the work of Eisaku Wada (1874-1959).

He did a lot of plein air studies of Mount Fuji, which were evidently painted on location. 

Eisaku Wada was chosen by the Ministry of Education to study in France.

He also learned from Kuroda Seiki, who had studied in Paris.

He returned to Japan and became a professor of Tokyo University of Arts.

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Loretta said...

Exciting to see his mountain paintings. I live near a large volcano and try to capture it in its many moods, from warm and glowy to cold and forbidding. I see that the same pallet is used, the atmospheric conditions same the world over.Makes me feel kind of neat.