Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Painting a Blue Cup of Ice Water

Hang out with me and Jeanette at the diner as I paint this blue plastic cup of ice water. (Link to YouTube)

As we wait for our eggs and fried potatoes, we chat about how Jeanette used to watch her mother (who was an illustrator) paint in watercolor. For a spot of complementary color, I used an orange straw from Dunkin' Donuts.


Bevan said...

First off this is just a great video. Second- I tried this and your lettering is awesome! Not to mention your light and the use of the compliment with the straw, which was brilliant! I will try this again it's such a great exercise.

Bevan said...

I love the conversation, I didn't hear it all the first time. Jeanette's audio was lower and harder for me to hear, but it was cool.

Joel Fletcher said...

Excellent rendition! The only issue with painting in a diner is that your food arrives in the middle of the process. So do you let your breakfast get cold, or eat while painting? Also, I noticed that the video skipped the lettering of the glass, which seems like one of the hardest parts and something the viewers would like to see.