Thursday, December 1, 2022

Bukovac and his Scraps of Paper

"While he was teaching his girls at home, at the table, Vlaho Bukovac (Croatian, 1855-1922) used every piece of paper, newspaper and book to make sketches on. When the last piece of paper in sight had been used up, Bukovac would calmly continue, drawing on the napkins, tablecloth, everything that was white and could take the mark of a pencil. He most of all hated to have to interrupt his work, even to the extent of having to get up and look for a piece of paper."


Vlaho Bukovac on Wikipedia 

Quoted from the book Vlaho Bukovac: A Cosmopolitan Croatian


Skadjer said...

I remember hearing the clinical term for this condition: hypergraphia. It can resemble the extreme opposite of a creative block, where one can't stop writing or drawing. While it may sound enviable at a glance, in reality it'd be exhausting and debilitating to live with.

Zeuxis said...

Being a Croat, I had plenty of opportunity to see many of Vlaho BUkovac's works in person - in several museums here in Croatia. I posted some of the photos I've taken on my blog (click for a larger image). Here are a couple of links, for those interested:

Valentino Radman