Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Edward Gosling, Armless Artist

Edward Gosling of Manchester, England, overcame the misfortune of losing both his arms when he was a boy. 
At the age of 15, he produced this Christmas card design, holding the pen with his feet.

According to an article in a 1936, "Losing his arms in an accident, he taught himself to paint, holding the brushes between his toes, and has just had an animal study in oils accepted for exhibition at the Burlington Galleries, London."

He went on to have  distinguished career, with paintings accepted by the Royal Academy. this one is called "A Welcome Rest". It appeared in a June, 1936 issue of The Artist's Magazine.

Thanks, James!

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Teesa C said...

Cool! I’m currently dealing with health problems myself and been trying to learn more about artists with disabilities.