Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Stop Motion, Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes and animation tests with Mrs. Basher.

Pierre asks: "I like the stand used to keep the models upright while doing the walking animation. Could you explain a bit about how you got Mrs. Basher to scowl? I'm assuming there was some way to manipulate the face and that it wasn't done digitally?" Thanks. All the stop-motion is shot outdoors in-camera, animated straight-ahead on a timer with no Dragon Frame. During the jump-and-tumble sequence, motion blurs are captured with stills shot in burst mode with 1/10sec exposures, compiled in Time-Lapse-Assembler. VO is in post. The first scowl on the little stop motion puppet is just a head swap for another sculpt held in with neodymium magnets. The expression in the last shot is from a latex-and-wood, live-action rod puppet that's twice the size of the others with glass beads for eyes.

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