Friday, April 19, 2024

Painting the Kurbmaster

I painted this dead van in Greenport, Long Island using watercolor and gouache. You can watch the YouTube premiere today at noon NY time.

Stage 1. Measuring

I establish a unit of length. The distance from the left edge of the windshield to the back of the door equals the distance from the A-pillar to the back of the van.

Stage 2. Mapping.
I mark out the basic lines in a red-brown watercolor pencil.

Stage 3. Blocking in.
I use a flat brush to establish major shapes.

Stage 4. Big areas first.
I’m eager to dive into the details, beginning with the reflections in the windshield, and after that I’ll do the front lights and grillwork.

Stage 5. Getting Opaque.
I paint the leaves transparently on the first pass, then start bringing in opaques

Stage 6. Pencil Lines.
A ruler and a pencil for the fine lines of the clapboards on the far building.

Bring your questions to the 39 minute YouTube premiere today at noon NY time.

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