Friday, October 19, 2007

Howdy from Yeehaw Junction

Here are some snapshots from the Journey to Chandara Road Tour.

We stopped at Yeehaw Junction on the long drive across in Florida to scrape all the dead bugs off the windshield.

Getting fueled up with bagels, coffee, and wireless at Einstein Bagels.

I did a taping of "Weekends with Marcia." The two cardinal rules of TV appearances are: always bring a copy of your own book to wave in front of the camera, and always wear a jacket and tie. Oops, I forgot both rules.

At the Vero Beach Book Center, I did some dinosaur drawings for the kids from St. Edwards School.

The kids from the Willow School had good interview questions written out in cursive in their notebooks. "Do you ever get frustrated in your work?" "How did you come up with the idea for your pictures?"

And I was caught again scribbling on the wall with markers, a hobby of mine.

P.S. Thanks for the mention on Moleskinerie, a fun blog if you're curious what other people do with those nifty little sketchbooks.


Anonymous said...

wow, watching the great line weight and flow on that dino I think you should consider doing a comic book some time!

Paige Keiser said...

I am so sad.....that it took me this long to find your inspiring blog! Love your work and discussions of Howard Pyle and co. I live a mere hour and half from The Brandywine River Museum. Particularly fascinating is the tour of N.C. Wyeth's studio.

Unknown said...

Journey to Chandara has finally made its way to my local Borders, so I ran out to buy it earlier this evening. But I was stumped by where to find it in the store... My first thought was history (I wish it were true), then maybe literature? Art? Children's section? Nope. Science fiction. Does that seem weird to anyone else?

And now I just keep staring at the first painting of Waterfall City. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for another beautiful book!