Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dinotopia at LAPL through Jan 6

Happy New Year, everyone! And for those of you in Southern California, don't forget that the Dinotopia exhibition at the Los Angeles Public Library will be up only through this Sunday. For more info, check the LAPL or Dinotopia sites.


Emily said...

I went before I left town for break. Fun stuff! It was really cool to see the paintings in real life - it's different than seeing them printed.

It was fun to see a lot of the examples you've talked about on this blog in real life.

Nathalie said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! And congratulations on the one year anniversary of the OMB at the proboards server. =)

Breathe Deep Seek Peace, Vorchia

Anonymous said...

And thanks to you, Nathalie and to Azonthus for your tireless efforts in looking after the Official Dinotopia Message Board. It's best place to go (short of Waterfall City itself) to talk with other Dinotopians.

Follow the NEW link off the blog or go to http://ombdinotopia.proboards88.com/index.cgi