Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fan Fun

Dinotopia fans have sent me amazing things.

Here, for example, is Magnolia, one of the Habitat Partners from Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time. I can imagine the parent or teacher behind the scenes, devoting hours at the sewing machine, dedicated to making books come alive for their kids.

And here's a postcard portraying “Jim Gurney’s Pet Dinosaur.” It says: “I lick e Dinotopia because it’s magical.” I can hear the parent's voice in the background saying: "If you liked the book, you should write to the author." A bulletin board in the office next to my painting studio is festooned with such delights.


Anonymous said...

Hi James,

In the part of magical tree, you're wonderful too.......Please stay quiet, in case this morning bird nests delicately, crowning your head....Do'nt move, let's call Jean Jacque AUDUBON...

all the best,

Anonymous said...

Jim's Dino is very nice and expressive, what 's his name please ? Number 26 is our favourite..

indiaartist said...

Great teachers, sensitive parents and good books with beautiful illustration, all are integral part of memorable and happy childhood. Cheers.