Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Art By Committee: Transmogrified

On Wednesdays we cut loose a little with a group sketch game called "Art By Committee." I give you an excerpt from an actual science fiction manuscript and you come up with a picture to illustrate it.
This week’s quote was a bit more conceptual than usual. It brought out an amazing range of solutions: all clever, imaginative, unexpected, and beautiful. Thanks, everybody.

.....and the one from the original Art By Committee sketchbook.

Here’s next week’s quote: “Snarking hell, Jensen, you damned near got us roasted.”

I hope you have fun with it. Please scale your JPG to around 700 pixels across. Title it with your name, send it to: jgurneyart(at), subject line ABC, and let me know in your email if you want me to link to your blog or website. Please have your entries in by next Tuesday at 10:00 AM Eastern Time USA.


Random York said...

This is so much fun- I love them all- I especially enjoyed Andy's "Hermes" cartoon and Jen's diapered dino, but they are all priceless! (that means no pay)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Random!

They are all wonderful! Art's and Kristina's gave me the biggest chuckles. I gotta watch for those messages in my soup. And who knew that the gods had so much homework to do? Love that theistic thesaurus.

Such an imaginative group! I feel like I am in a really great class, doing these assignments and seeing what my classmates have done.

Anonymous said...

Random York, i think thats actually a diapered baby Godzilla. kind of lends to the joke more that way too. i did like the thesaurus joke a lot too.

Rob Hummer said...

Ditto Andrew's sentiment above concerning his feeling of being in a drawing class with some very talented fellow students sharing in a fun and creative assignment. I'm always eager to see the fantastic solutions you all come up with.
And thanks, Andrew, for the link you provided me last week to check out the T.A.I.L.S. prequel to your last ABC submission. And another entertaining idea this week as well. Love how the excerpt blends right into the narrative.
Nice job, everybody. Can't wait to spend some time with the class again next week.

Random York said...

I think you're right Joe, that is a young Godzilla... It reminds me of REPTAR of RugRats fame too- Beautifully rendered too!

Unknown said...

Andrew Walker, that image reminds me of my oldest son when he was younger -- just totally lost in his imagining. I like the way you've drawn those dinosaurs -- just as real as they are to him. This illustration really shows the magic of a child's play.