Friday, July 11, 2008

Free Dinotopia Podcast

Skeptics said that it was impossible to make an audio adaptation out of a picture book, but Tom Lopez of ZBS Productions proved them wrong. The Christian Science Monitor called the Dinotopia audio adventure, “a dazzling soundscape that does full justice to Gurney’s wondrous lost world…perfect family listening.”
You can hear for yourself in this free podcast, where audio wizard Meatball Fulton recalls the thinking behind the ZBS productions of A Land Apart from Time and The World Beneath. He shares a few samples of the productions with a full cast of actors, effects, and music by Tim Clark. You can order copies on CD or cassette from the Dinotopia Store or purchase the MP3 download directly from ZBS.

Don’t miss all the other great podcasts and audio productions from ZBS, which make evocative listening in the long hours of the artist’s studio.
Free Dinotopia podcast, link.
CDs from Dinotopia Store, link.
Full Dinotopia MP3 paid download from ZBS, link.
ZBS’s new “Two Minute Noir,” link.
Bix sculpture courtesy Jim Henson's Creature Shop, link.


David said...

This is great thanks for sharing. My favorite radio show growing up was the BBC's adaptation of "Journey to the center of the Earth". It looks like I have a new favorite.



Charley Parker said...

I've long been a fan of ZBS, from Fourth Tower of Inverness to their Jack Flanders adventures (which presaged Indiana Jones), they create amazing soundscapes in the service of wonderfully engaging audio dramas.

If anyone can bring visions of Dinotopia to life in your mind through the artful use of sound, it's ZBS.

This should be a treat.

Unknown said...

Can I just add that this Audio book is amazing!