Thursday, December 18, 2008

Port of Tangier

The old city or medina of Tangier, Morocco looks like white crystals growing on the northernmost hill of the city, overlooking the modern port facility.

The ferry terminal building looks like a space station in the foreground of the scene. The view is from the rear deck of the ferry. Since the ferry took a long time to load, I had lots of time to do a watercolor painting.

Here's a pan across the scene and down to the sketchbook in my lap, with the sound of the public address system.

All those white mullions in the windows were a bit of a chore to paint around. You can see me fumbling around with the sable round. It would have been bettter to have a small chisel tipped flat brush for those square shapes.


Super Villain said...

window mullions are a pain, i always do them all black then go back with white acrylic and panint them in. so much work without acrylic.

the videos are a great addition to your blog. hopfully we'll get to see more videos of your studio work too!

also, you've inspired me to start a blog and put up some work. i'd be honnored if you would stop by and comment!

Tim said...

Now for the love of all that is art, please sellotape that camera to your chin next time, we CRAVE more of you painting live. Maybe pay a small child to hold it for a few hours, and dock his meager pittance every time he sneezes or takes too deep of breath, lest he move the camera from what is the lovely goodness of watching you paint!

Unknown said...


James Gurney said...

Thanks, everybody. Timpa, I'll try to attach the camera on some kind of stand so that I don't have to hold it in my left hand. I also love to watch other artists work.