Thursday, December 11, 2008

SF Signal's Top Ten Art Websites

Thanks to illustrator Dan Dos Santos on SF for picking Gurney Journey as one of the top ten art websites of 2008.

Don't miss Dan's website and his complete top ten picks:
  1. Imaginistix - Newly launched blog by Boris Vallejo and Julie. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this develops.

  2. GFX Artist - A great collection of Art tutorials from some of the industry's hottest artists.

  3. Turtle Art - A massive database of SF/F artists... an amazing efficient way to kill time.

  4. Lines and Colors - Updated frequently, with a focus on modern and classical illustration

  5. Gorilla Artfare - A group art blog, much of which is either SF/F based or concept art.

  6. Google SketchUp - Sketch-up is a new program from Google. Not only is it rapidly becoming a staple of many SF/F artist's process, but it is totally free!

  7. ConceptArt - A staple of the art community.

  8. Gurney Journey - James Gurney's blog is still one of the best out there. A must see for fans of illustration.

  9. - My favorite blog for daily art doses.

  10. - Years in the making, any SF/F geek will find Tor's new site hard to resist. Be sure to check out the artist galleries!
courtesy SF


Super Villain said...

haha, not to toot your own horn or anything,

haha, well congratulations....again, you are now an offical fixture on the internet, of all the stories i've heard about you not owning a tv, and not even a computer, who would have ever thought you would make it so far...haha.

by the way, is amazing, such a huge overload of unbelevably amazing artwork, i was not prepared for that!

way to go! toot toot!

SCIBOTIC said...

I'm pretty sure it's Dan not Don, been a fan of his work for ages.

Andrés Carrandi said...

Hello Mr. Gurney! I found your blog just today, and while I know this particular post is probably in the wrong place, I wanted to say I really like your art. I am not an illustrator -I do not have that talent- I'm only part of the general public who can appreciate good pieces of art. I rediscovered Dinotopia just 6 months ago; I have recently received my Dinotopia and Journey to Chandara copies (waiting for my World Beneath, and still haven't gotten around to buying First Flight, which is more difficult to get.) I have loved them all.

Anyway, congratulations for such awesome works, and I hope to see more from you in the future. I have book marked your blog, at least.

Andrés Carrandi

Unknown said...

Dan did the cover of my next book from Tor. His work is amazing.

David Still said...

Congratulations! Well deserved! And yeah, it's Dan not Don, but whatever, right

James Gurney said...

Yes, of course, it's Dan! Sorry, Dan...I made the change.

Michelle Johnson said...

Congratulations. It definitely deserves to be included for both the art and for the insight you give.

Anonymous said...

SketchUp is hardly "new". Check out it's history:

seafarer456 said...

Thanks for the top ten sites, though I think there are a lot more online art galleries that are great. I especially like linesandcolors, gorillaartfare, and cgunit of the ones here though. They have some great images.