Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flashy Princess

We came back from Columbus to discover that Flashy Princess foaled while we were gone.

Lenny Miller is the caretaker of all the unusual horses at Southland Farm in Rhinebeck New York. He said the Belgian filly weighed 137 pounds at birth on April 2.

She is still a little wobbly, but can break into a run at a second's notice. Sofie keeps a watchful eye over her.

Princess, as she's known for short, is in love with life and eternally curious, feeling the fuzzy texture of my sketchbook cover with her soft lips.

Previous post about the expectant mother, link.


Unknown said...

Beautiful post about the miracle of new life.

Erik Bongers said...

As you can see, all Belgians love art.

And with that hat, the caretaker is apparently very aware of Belgian agricultural dress code. My grandfather used to wear it as well. (That is, the agricultural grandpa, not the accountant.)

Unknown said...

I never realized how gangly a foal was. Its head looks much larger than I would have expected.

Julia Lundman said...

that's a big baby! i love these photos!

Katherine Kean said...

Aw, how sweet - a spring foal! She's beautiful.

Jo said...

Awwwwwww, have you ever seen the foals of the miniature horses? They look like stuffed animals.

Unknown said...

Delicious sketch paper! Must taste! *snorfles*

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a sweetie! 137 is a big baby indeed. I'm used to Morgans coming in a lot lighter. :)

I'm so excited to be following your blog now, thank you for your insightful posts!

Unknown said...

Her curiosity puts me in mind of my great dane...the funny part is they weigh about the same at the moment!

Sorry to have missed you in Columbus...I really wanted to be there. Hopefully, we can arrange an online thing through Art Institute? I would love to try it if you would be up to it.

Mariana Moreno said...

Greetings Mr. Gurney,

I'm so sorry to disturb you at your blog. A week ago I sent to your Yahoo mail a Convention Invitation in Mexico, but I haven't received your response so far.

Wether yo may or may not assist to our convention, I'd really appreciate if you could let us know. The convention will be held on November 12th-15th, and we need to anticipate the special guests' list.

Once again, I'm sorry to disturb you.

Thank you for your time.

Raluca said...

oh,what a sweet little art-fan you´ve got!!
Beautiful post!