Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blog Hardware

Everyone's saying how the Internet is going more and more to mobile platforms. So I’m just curious: what sort of tech do you use to view this blog? Please check all the boxes that apply in the poll at left.
Poll results added later:
Desktop computer: 232
Laptop: 195
iPhone: 24
Other mobile device: 9
At work: 102
At home: 249
Art studio: 117


Beth said...

I usually use Google Reader. which doesn't show things like the sidebars, only the posts. I can click on a post to jump out to it, like this one.

I'm sure I could read blog entries on my iTouch or phone, but I'm not that far from my desk that much of the time or that addicted to the web. ;-)


Marc Hudgins said...

Ditto, I read all my blogs in Google Reader.

caynazzo said...

Google reader all the way! However, if there's a more streamlined reader out there, I'm all ears.

David Still said...

These kids with their new toys.. When I was young you'd be happy if you had a WIFI router! Naw, I'm happy with my old fashioned desktop computer. Bought way back in 2007 it was.. Can you imagine that? And it still works nearly as good as the day i first brought it home!

Anonymous said...

I kind of use my laptop as a desktop comuter.

If I really want to I can used google reader on my ipod but I don't like it so much.

I used newsfox on Firefox until it stopped working (it's working again now but I don't use it much now)

So at the moment I am using Flock. It's an ugly browser but it's amazing how you can have everything at hand.
The same side bar can show you RSS feeds, updates on Flickr, YouTube etc... and updates in Facebook or twitter, plus many more things that I don't use.

Nicole Cardiff said...

I typically use JetBrains Omea Reader, since it has a few features that I don't think Google has (also, I was too lazy to convert.)

Oscar Baechler said...

I subscribe to this and a number of other blogs using and just check 'em about twice a day.

Your blog, John K's blog (the guy who made Ren & Stimpy) and Art Knowledge News are definitely my top 3 favorites! So thanks for all the time you've put into sharing your knowledge with us.

- Paul Hastings said...

Actually, if I could a make a suggestion... I used Blogger for some time but then switched over to my own Wordpress installation (not to be confused with

You can read more about Wordpress on the Wikipedia.

Here's one example of one of my Wordpress installations, and here's another (I hope I don't look like I'm spamming).

Anyway, you can think about it, but I think Wordpress is really the way to go in comparison to Blogger.

Jean Spitzer said...

desktop computer; blogger

semba04 said...

I found your blog and read it in Google Reader, tried using Sprout (another reader), but it didn't want to download.

James Gurney said...

Thanks for telling me about Google Reader! I was unaware of it, and it really helps.

Paulo Jimenez said...

Google Reader is my choice, although I would love to see your posts on Facebook for inmmediate interaction! I have to admit that I am all for instant gratification.

Unknown said...

Nothing like getting up , laying on my bed with the sun streaming in with my MacBook and coffee and reading GurneyJourney!

Johan said...

Blogger in firefox (or ie at work)

CCG Coordinator said...

I use Sage which is an add on to FireFox for RSS. When one of the sites I watch has new content the name is bolded. I then click on the listing and see that sites posts in a digest format. I don't read from that and instead click on the link to go to the actual blog. I use desktops at home and at work. I'm anti-wireless - don't like all that electromagnetic noise. Having radio transmitters next to our bodies is not a good idea!

Anonymous said...

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