Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day: honors to those who have served in war, and also to those who have acted bravely through other means to avert war.

The sketch is from the West Point Museum, on the grounds of the U.S. Military Academy in New York, one of the largest collections of militaria. Link to their website.


Steve said...

James, another great post. Thanks especially for the phrase, "to those who have acted bravely through other means to avert war." Well said. Perhaps I would only add the words, "to avert or end war."


Unknown said...

The bottom one on the right is not one you'd want to accidentally leave in your chair and then sit down!

David Still said...

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Next comment I make will be something actually to do with your post, I swear! ;)

Stephen James. said...

Amen on the averting war thing.

Jamie Williams Grossman said...

Where did you find that wonderful pad of midtone gray paper, or did you tone it yourself with a charcoal/pencil rub?


James Gurney said...

Jamie: I got it in England about 20 years ago. It didn't have a brand name, but just said PASTEL and Made in France. It's 16x12cm.