Friday, June 19, 2009

Creature Design Workshop Update

Plans are going well for the fantasy art workshop that I'll be teaching July 27-31 at the Woodstock School of Art in New York State.

Each of us will be creating an image of Pan, the famous character from Greek mythology.

Pan, as you’ll recall, is half man and half goat. We’ll be doing observational studies from a live human model. I’ll offer lots of tips for animal drawing and creature design and I’ll bring glass goat eyes from a taxidermist, three gorgeous skulls and a pelt from Icelandic rams, and I’m working on getting a live goat (a first for the school).

The materials list that I’d like you to bring is now online, if you follow this link and click on "Supply Lists." You can do your finished art in whatever painting or sculpting medium you choose.

There’s still room in the class if you’d like to join.

Woodstock School of Art, link.
2470 Route 212
Woodstock NY 12498

For any questions about registration, lodging, costs, etc, please call the school at 845. 679. 2388 or email:
Any questions about the class itself, you can ask me in the comments.


clyde semler said...

An Arcadian romp in Woodstock! Sounds like a good opportunity to brush up our classical mythology. Wish I were nearer. With all those terrific props, you're sure to get many satyrical responses. The live goat reminds me of Rico Lebrun's Bambi sessions he did at Disney back in the fifties when he brought in a cute little deer. Wishing you much success!

Patrick Dizon said...

Watch out for evil spirits because the goat might start talking!

Anonymous said...

You should do a workshop in Northern California sometime ...we have plenty of goats, and I know at least one struggling artist who would attend!

Steve said...

This sounds so great, wish I could do it. Hey, if you're not able to get the live goat, you could have people draw the tragus of the person next to them...

Julia Lundman said...

Oh, I didn't even realize you were holding this workshop! I hope you have another. I'll take it for sure!

Erik Bongers said...

We once had a rooster in class.
A couple of years earlier he brought a pig into the class.
I should say smuggled as he didn't exactly ask permission for this.
The smell gave him away.
This was the same teacher that had a reputation for ruining student's drawings and that many student's used there best karate on to block him off when he approached their drawing with a dangerous tool, such as there are a pencil or brush.

Junkyard Sam said...

Mr. Gurney! :) I had the pleasure of working as an artist on your Dinotopia: A Sunstone Odyssee GameCube game. As a fan of your work it was wonderful to create 3d art based on the worlds you painted. My experience at that company wasn't so great, lol, but the project was neat to work on... and to this day you are a big inspiration to me as an artist.

Anyhow, it's great to discover your blog!

ev said...

It would be great to see some coverage of the class and the results- for us 'out of towners'... ie Australia.