Sunday, June 14, 2009

Irish Music Party

Here's yesterday's sketchbook page, with quick portraits from Irish accordion player John Whelan's 50th birthday party last night. Along the top are drawings of the Half Moon, the Clearwater, and the Onrust, flagships of the Henry Hudson Quadricentennial celebrations. We watched them from the shores of the Hudson River as they sailed by.

More about the Quadricentennial, link.


Justin Feiereisel said...

The depth and range of personality in those little portraits makes my jaw drop. I often find myself getting so focused on likeness (especially in a quick sketch) that I neglect this aspect to the detriment of the finished product.

Steve said...

Great little portraits, full of life (as I expect the party was). I looked closely at the Clearwater, but couldn't see Pete Seeger. Is "Seamus" Seamus Egan?

James Gurney said...

Steve, That's guitar player Seamus Kelleher. Tom was the only one who knew I was sketching him.

Thanks, Reggie, for the compliment. I was really struck with how different and unique everyone looks, and I was trying to emphasize the uniqueness.

Super Villain said...


off topic, but somthing i thought you might like to see,

an artist with similar urban scenes to some that you have posted here on your blog

Dan Gurney said...

And a Happy Birthday to you, too, James!!

(My town has put flags all up and down the street in celebration of your birthday.)

Erik Bongers said...

Is it your birthday?
Well, happy birthday then!

Like the Tom drawing best. With the wavy hair (that I imagine red), he looks like a James Joyce kinda fellah.

Super Villain said...

Happy Birthday James, hope you have many many more!

Wish I had somthing to give to you for the gifts you give us everyday with your blog, so I'll just have to give you a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and a big THANK YOU!!

Happy 70th Birthday!! You dont look a day over 82....

Steve said...

Dan, thanks for the heads up! Happy Birthday, James! I agree, you give us daily gifts.

Ian Harrison said...

Hey James

I would really like to master doing quick sketches like these. Can you tell me, are the heads done with one grade of pencil only or do you use different ones for the bold lines, light shading etc?

Thanks very much for the Gurney Journey, it never fails to brighten my day.


Unknown said...

Great to see these.
It was really nice of you to share your sketchbook with my daughters,and my wife and I.
The girls loved your "add your part" dog sketch in John's guestbook.
Hope we cross paths again.
Bill Lynch