Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Butting Heads

Usually when I visit the farm, each of the animals comes up to the fence to say hello.

Billy the black goat likes to be scratched behind the horns. Lucky the white goat wants to be rubbed where his horns would have been. Peanut and Joy, the donkeys, prefer to be patted on the neck and offered a little hay.

But on a recent afternoon, Bo, the young dairy bull, leaned against the fence next to me. He wouldn’t let Billy or Lucky or Peanut or Joy come near. When they approached, he lowered his horns and chased them away.

He kept trying to lick my face with his disgusting long tongue. I stood just out of range.

Billy and Lucky were getting annoyed with Bo, so they challenged him to a butting contest. Even though they were much smaller, they had more experience.

Watch the video, and you'll see who won.


Steve said...

I always love your trips to the farm. My favorite parts of this video were Joy. She has the perfect name.

We used to have a Jersey cow, Heidi. I can attest that being licked by a cow (and, I guess, a bull) is like being sanded with 80 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Good thing you stayed out of Bo's range.

Erik Bongers said...

Thank you.
Video put a smile on my face :)

SCIBOTIC said...

I have to second that, Joy is so darn cute.

jeff said...

Goats are tough animals.
They are so agile and fast.

Those goat horns can hurt.

Great video and that donkey Joy is something else.

Boldheadstudio said...

haha, very cute :)
your expression on the picture has a nice twist as well..

Daniel.Z said...

Hah, that's hilariously cute.

Johan said...

Wow! Cute overload haha

Makes me feel like I do way too few studies. Should get out to the zoo some, but so little time. : (

Unknown said...

Go, little donkey, go!

They are lovely :)

Claire Vrabel said...

LOVED it! :D

Guy12food said...

We have mini donkeys, goats and some exotic cattle, I can truly appreciate this video---loved it! Goats are all attitude and then some:)