Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ustinov at a Film Shoot

In 1987, when I was in Jerusalem, a film crew had taken over the American Colony Hotel. They were working on the movie called “Appointment with Death,” starring Lauren Bacall, Carrie Fisher, Sir John Gielgud, and Sir Peter Ustinov.

Mr. Ustinov (1921-2004) was sitting patiently waiting for a shot to be set up. Waiting is the fate of all movie actors. I noticed he was passing the idle hours with a sketchpad.

I had my sketchpad in hand, too, so I drew his profile. It was from a long way off and not a great sketch. During a lull, I asked the production manager if I could show it to him. Mr. Ustinov kindly signed it for me, adding “Mirror, mirror. Well done.”

Appointment with Death IMDB

Sir Peter Ustinov on Wikipedia.
American Colony Hotel.


Bob Mrotek said...

Thank you James. That is a wonderful story!

goat89 said...

Wow! What a thrill it must have been!

Mario Antinozzi said...

Your drawings are awesome !

Unknown said...

i think the more important question here is Carrie Fisher was in other movies??

Don Cox said...

Ustinov was an enormously talented man.

Nasica Med said...