Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bull Calf

American illustrator A.B. Frost did a series of comic drawings in 1892 called the “The Humane Man and the Bull Calf.”

A city slicker buys a bull calf from some country bumpkins, wishing to save the poor animal from becoming veal. He ties the lead rope to his waist against the urgings of the farm kids.

The calf drags the humane man through fences and fields, until the man cuts the creature loose and sells him cheap to be made into meat.

That story was in my mind as Lenny invited me to lead the new bull calf to the pond pasture. First the calf wouldn’t budge. He dug in his hooves. Then he bolted, dragging me along with him like a monkey on a string.

Finally Lenny told me the secret: you push down on his hind end, while pulling forward on the lead rope. “I’ll make a farmer of you yet,” Lenny said as we headed down the dirt road.

The calf and his mother will be on the farm all summer. I’ll keep you posted about future animal stories.

Dover republished an assortment of Frost’s comic drawings called "The Bull Calf and Other Tales."


Unknown said...

Wonderful drawing. The shadow around the eye gives creates depth in a wonderufl way.

draigstudio said...

the other trick is to take the leadline and wrap it around his butt. You pull with the leadline and by the halter and they have no choice but to move! and you tend not to get dragged that way. Oh big animals are so much fun!

aqws said...

Reminds me of the amazing artwork for "The Story of Ferdinand" by Robert Lawson. There's a lot of energetic bull-shoving in that!

Susan Adsett said...

You're lucky the calf is still young! trying that with a full grown bull is more difficult (trust me - I've tried...).

But if you keep training him, you'll be able to take the calf to the fall fair... which we would defiantly need to see pictures of.

Anima Mascherata said...

Seconded what Draigstudio said. That is how you train most large young animals to do what you want. Draft horses, cows, whatever. Easy Peasy. Enjoy your critter

Gwen Buchanan said...

what a touch you have!!!