Saturday, June 19, 2010

IMC: Last Day

The two large classrooms became galleries yesterday as students at the Illustration Master Class displayed their final work produced during the week-long fantasy art workshop in Amherst, Massachusetts.

From left, Kristen Freeborn with a variety of reference surrounding her painting of "Beauty and the Beast;" Winona Nelson shows the kit-bashed maquette she used for her interpretation of the "Jet Cycle Getaway;" Boris and Julie with Jim and Jeanette; and a visit from Jean-Baptiste Monge with Margo.

(Click to enlarge) The whole class of 82 students assembled in the lecture hall to thank Rebecca Guay and her team for making this unique event possible.


Super Villain said...

what an amazing event, i'm really sad i missed the class, and i really wished i would have made it up the last day to see the galleries!

looks so amazing, i hope this is something you really enjoyed and plan on doing again next year!

slinberg said...

Thanks for everything you did, James - your lectures were great, you're an absolute pleasure to talk with, and your endless curiosity and enthusiasm are blueprints for success.

Hope you come back! You should be part of the core faculty, not just a special guest. :)

bill said...


Michelle Johnson said...

All the photos and notes make it look like it would be an excellent event to go to someday. I think it'll be a goal of mine to someday go to it.

Thanks for sharing.

Ryan Yee said...

Thanks for such an amazing week Jim! Seeing you work in person was a true thrill!!

April said...

Thank you for making a wonderful class just so much more incredible! It's such a inspiration to have you there for a week and to actually get some personal input on my work is just the thrill of an artistic lifetime. ^___^

Anonymous said...

This goes out to Jeanette:

Thank you Jeanette, for being The Navigator and getting Jim to IMC safely. ;)

Gregory Manchess said...

It has been so sad, every year after the class, to say goodbye to all the attendees. Even my faculty mates. For three years now, we've worked hard and struggled through so much together. It feels great every time.

Exhausting, but GREAT!

Having you there this time, Jim, was just awe-inspiring. No kidding: I'm such a fanboy, it's embarrassing. Great to work beside you for awhile and share insights.

You are remarkable and generous! And Jeanette, you're the Best!

I think we've already started the plans for IMC 2011. Can't wait!

Thanks, Jim!

Gregory Manchess said...

One more thing:

I've never seen students work so hard. Everyone is pulling for each other's success. We all come away with the feeling that every person was lifted a little higher in their training.

Some attendees actually accomplish painting the best piece of their career to date.

This is what we set out to do from the very first year: to give students the kind of education we ourselves would have enjoyed.

Claire Vrabel said...

This is definitely something I want to go to next time.
We shall see... :)
Looks like everyone had a blast!

Nonie said...

It was fantastic to see you there and see your process in person. And your lectures were great! Thank you so much :)

Steve Anderson said...

Thanks Jim, for being a wonderfully inspirational part of IMC 2010. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Jeanette. And thanks for bringing Flynn, he was a great model for my Beast.