Friday, July 16, 2010

Norton Museum Video

Glenn Tomlinson of the Norton Museum of Art introduces the Dinotopia exhibition in this video.

Norton Museum website
For potential museum venues inquiring about possibly hosting the Dinotopia show, please contact Mary Melius at the Norman Rockwell Museum at mmelius (at)

BTW, anyone know how I can keep from clipping the right side of the videos when they post? (Later: fixed! Thanks, Mike, Christopher, and SuperVillain)


Christopher Paul said...

Youtube and Blogger:

Try this:

Specifically the part about sizing the video for the width of your blog. Looking at the source code for yours, it looks like you have a max of 430s pixels for width and the default is 510.

Hope that helps.

Dan Gurney said...

Yes. I first had that problem posting your Unicycle Painter video on my blog.

Opt for the smallest format for the video clip when embedding it from Youtube. Other sources may vary.

And you can also edit your blog's HTML to widen the central column. Ask your youngest; he'll know how. I went with my current design to lessen this problem.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Dan and Chris. I tried just changing the numbers in the code to say 430 x 340 instead of 530 x 419, but it still seems cropped. I'll try to get a different embed code from the source.

Bob Mrotek said...

James, the more that I learn about you and your work the more I stand in awe.

Unknown said...

There are actually two places in the html code where the dimensions of the video appear; change the second one, too! That helped me.

Super Villain said...

james this guy is does an amazing job talking about your art!!!! how much did you pay him!!!! i'm sure watching this is really bad for your ego, how many hundreds of times have you watched it, haha!!!!

about your video embed problems, there are several times you will need to enter the width. not sure where this video is from but if you want to fix your youtube videos and make them fix its pretty simple.

youtube will give you an embed source code like this:

it will say width and height= at the top and bottom of the code. you need to change both spots. if you want the width to be 430 which is a good fit for your blog then you need to change the width to 400 and the height to 254. so just delete 640 and type 400 for width, and delete 385 and type 254 for the height. you will have to do this for the width and height in the begining and end of the code both spots.

so your new embed code will look like this

change top and bottom values, good luck!

Super Villain said...

looks like blogspot deleted the code sample i was trying to show? but hopfully my description explains ok?

Mary Bullock said...

Great video - wish I could go to the exhibit.

Anonymous said...

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