Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stout’s Hallucinations

Flesk Publishing has just released a new collection of artwork by William Stout called “Hallucinations.”

This is the first of two 48-page softbound collections of Stout’s watercolor and ink artwork. The subjects include dragons, genies, and witches, as well as scenes from Oz and Aesop. The penwork is ornate, intricate, and sometimes whimsical, with smaller details and subordinate characters adding levels of fascination to the pictures.

In the introduction, Stout credits the inspiration that he draws from the early 20th century children’s book illustrators, especially Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham, John Bauer, and William Heath Robinson.

This is the first of a two related volumes. The next one will feature women and wonders, and will be called “Inspirations.”

There is also a signed hardbound edition, limited to 500 copies, which is almost sold out.

Flesk Publications

William Stout official site.

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Lydia Burris said...

I just saw and spoke to William Stout at Famous Monsters Convention in Indianapolis (I had a vending booth there too) I had a great conversation and was going to come back and buy his Hallucinations book later in the day but he left early (it was on the last day) I want one, but I would rather have liked to buy it from him in person.
It was a VERY beautiful book full of magic and wonder. Very worth having on the art book shelf!