Thursday, March 3, 2011

Painting Workshop Announcement

I’d like to announce that I’ll be teaching a three day painting workshop this summer, from July 1-3 at the Carriage House Art Studios in Newburgh, New York.

The Workshop: “Painting in Colored Light”
We’ll learn how to see, understand, and capture the effects of colored light. This is vital experience for all landscape, portrait, and imaginative artists. If you haven’t painted under strongly colored light, I can guarantee that this experience will revolutionize your work.

Beginning by studying white plaster casts under colored illumination, we’ll learn about additive versus subtractive color and the principles of visual perception. We’ll practice painting the nude figure and the  costumed model under a variety of combinations of colored light sources. I’ll start the morning session with explanations, discussions, and then you’ll work with my guidance in the afternoon. Plus, weather permitting, we’ll do an optional sunset painting expedition.

I encourage you to use oil, which I’ll be using, but other opaque painting media are acceptable, too. I’ll provide a materials list later. The workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced levels. Students should have some experience in both drawing and painting.

The Venue
The workshop location is the Carriage House Art Studio, the spacious and historic studio and home of the noted mural and gallery painter Garin Baker.

There are a few rooms to rent in Garin’s home (Jeanette and I will be staying there, too), nearby B&Bs and hotels. It’s a really congenial setting. We’ll sit around in the evenings looking at art books, sketching, and talking.

The Carriage House Studio will also be offering other workshops by other New York based painters. Announcements of those workshops will come soon.

Sign-up Details
The price for the three-day workshop is $500. Space is limited to 15 participants, so please sign up soon if you want to do it. Spaces will sell out quickly. Please register directly with the Carriage House Art Studios, 478 Union Avenue, New Windsor, NY 12553, 845-562-7802. Email Garin at:
Link to official announcement, with links and more info for questions and signup.


Super Villain said...

going to make a strong effort to make it out, would be wonderful.

and its perfect cause i already have off the week of the 4th of july.

i would also strongly suggest to anyone thinking about coming to come out, the workshops by james gurney are awesome!

Elisabeth Alba said...

Do you know how much the workshop costs? I see a three day one on the website that costs $385. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

However much I'd love to go, I don't think I can justify the intercontinental trip.

Perhaps a world tour, Mr Gurney ?

Anonymous said...

A world tour would be great!

If only I could attend this!! :-(

David Hauser said...

World tour to Australia pls.


Beth said...

I have been a fan since I was a small child. This would be a dream come true, for me!
However, it is a bit steep for me to do so.
Light is NOT my forte, either.