Sunday, March 20, 2011

Progress of Spring

Spring arrives today, along with the “supermoon,” the full moon in its closest approach to Earth on its elliptical orbit.

This is “Progress of Spring” (1905) by Charles Daniel Ward.


Jason Peck said...

Hey James,

Ive always loved this artist and this painting. I love the greens in this one.

Ive just finished reading Color and Light, and man is it great! Ill be referring to it often. It is now among my top two favorite books, along with Imaginative realism.

Mary Byrom said...

Jim, Spring indeed. Very nice!

A color question, a shiny white tea cup, full of white eggs sits on a flat red surface. The wall behind it is flat blue. The light source is a spot shinning down from the upper right, casting a nice amount of shadows. The cast shadows on the flat red surface are reddish blu-ish violet. But the shadow on the inside of the handle of the white cup is bright neon green and the shadow on the upper inside rim of the cup is bright neon green and the shadows under and cast by the eggs are bright neon green. What is causing this?

Unknown said...

We were up at 5:30 am Saturday to drive to an early swim meet. The "Supermoon" was spectacular, hanging in the sky just above the mountains. We watched it quietly slip behind the horizon in a matter of minutes but it made being up that early well worth it!