Sunday, August 5, 2012

Generating Random Faces

These face-like patterns are what you get if you combine a random polygon generator with A.I. facial recognition software.

Instead of using face recognition software, it would be even more interesting to channel the multiple generation feedback loop in real time through the face-recognition areas of an individual human's brain. Depending on how you set things up, it could be a hallucinatory experience, leading either to kittens, monsters, familiar faces, or maybe Alfred E. Neuman.

Code by Phil McCarthy, Prosthetic Knowledge
via BoingBoing
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Janet Oliver said...

Well, somebody is certain to see Chuck Close, so I might as well be the first.

Rich said...

As to Alfred E. Neumann: not a bad proposition IMHO:-)

David Teter said...

Alfred E. Neumann or....

George Bush (Jr)

Claire R said...

I would like to know the source of these images so I can look at them closer. Thanks. -Claire