Monday, September 24, 2012

Article on Vehicle Maquettes

The new edition of International Artist magazine, on the newsstands now, has a special article that I wrote about building materials for scratchbuilding vehicle maquettes.
I show several examples made from polymer clay (Sculpey), cardboard, and kitbashed plastic model parts.
More kitbashed models by Juliano Redigolo


Aaron said...

Hey James I just got my Imagine FX in the mail yesterday, LOVED the article om drawing/painting building. I did a study abroad class/trip to England/Scotland about six years ago. Part of the requirements for passing the class and getting the credits, was to keep a daily journal. Me, being the fine art minor that I was at the time, convinced my professor to let me keep a daily sketch diary which not only netted me an A, but is still one of my most prized possessions.

I also just signed up for Illuxcon in Nov. but I didn't see your name as an exhibitor, PLEASEEEEE tell me your gonna be there, it would be a highlight to the trip. =)

James Gurney said...

William -- That's awesome. Glad you did the sketch diary. I agree that sketch diaries are the first thing to grab when there's a fire. And.... I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to Illuxcon because I'm guesting at a bunch of other events, and have been doing a ton of traveling this fall. Need to catch up in the studio. I do plan to be at Illustration Master Class, The Portrait Society convention in Atlanta, and the Plein Air Convention in Monterrey.