Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ImagineFX on Sketching Buildings

The new ImagineFX magazine is on the newsstands in Britain, and soon will be in the States. It has an article that I wrote on sketching architecture on location.

Since ImagineFX specializes in fantasy, science fiction, and concept art, I emphasized how on-the-spot work fits into my imaginative painting, and how I sometimes give a surrealistic twist to what I observe.

The article has quite a few images that haven't been published before, and I hope it will be inspiring both to digital and traditional artists, whether you do fantasy or not.

The magazine includes work by the 2011 Rising Stars winners, Marta Nael, Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, David Gaillet, Eric Deschamps. And one more extra: The magazine comes with a free DVD with one of my painting videos on it. By the way, when you're at the bookstore or newsstand, look for the magazine in the computer section, not in the art section.
ImagineFX magazine
Video produced by IFX about the entire issue,


Karen said...

o0o0o0o0o!! Architecture is one of my favorite favorite subjects! (Up there with landscapes in general and any kind of animal) I wish I subscribed to this magazine! Is the article available online or do you know if you can purchase a single issue?

Greathouse said...

Cool, I love that magazine. It offers so much information throughout those pages. Is this your second article with them?

I do have another questions though. If someone wants to sketch building or cities of areas a person can't travel to? What would be the best way to do that? Is there any books your recommend or an older blog post? Is that covered in this article? Tanks again

James Gurney said...

Greathouse, I've heard people use Google street view, and there are randomizing apps that can plunk you down anywhere. But I think it's better to go outside wherever you live and paint there.

I've done quite a few articles with IFX -- I've lost count.

Karen, yes, I believe you can download the article for the iPad or other tablet devices. Check their website--I"m sure it's on there.