Monday, January 28, 2013

Breakfast with Ransome

I had breakfast with a couple of artist friends yesterday, including James Ransome (far right). 

In addition to being an award-winning illustrator, James is also an associate professor and program coordinator in the illustration department at Syracuse University.

Tomorrow is the publication date for his newest illustrated picture book called Light in the Darkness: A Story about How Slaves Learned in Secret, written by his wife Lesa Cline-Ransome.
You can watch him paint the cover in time lapse at this YouTube video.


Rich said...

Like the way you portrayed James Ransome:
Keep on sketchin, James!

mp said...

Love to see the hangin' out shots.

Very nice sketch of James Ransome. Looks like an inspiring book by his wife. Beautiful work on the cover illustration.

Joanne Roberts said...

Thanks for posting this great link. I have been a huge fan of James Ransome since Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt back in the 90's. This video provides plenty of inspiration for watercolor illustrators.

Tom Hart said...

I want to second what Joanne said. The video of James Ransome working is really a nice, long look over his shoulder.

Heather Ryerson said...

Hahahaha, James overload!

James (Ransome) is an awesome instructor at SU. Unless you're a sophomore.... he is so not kidding when he says his class is the hardest in the Illustration program!

But he's letting me paint vampires and Scarlet Witch, so I have no personal complaints!

Roberto said...

Yo! Jimi G.!
Yesterday my sweet Valentine gifted me w a copy of ‘Light in the Darkness!’
She saw it on the New York Times’ Black history month’s suggested reading list.

The story is well told and based on Lisa Cline-Ransom’s research on Frederick Douglass, and tells the story of ‘pit schools’ where slaves taught each other how to read.
The illustrations are beautiful water-colors of very sensitive and expressive portraits of African-Americans. Almost all of the paintings are of night scenes, w moonlight and/or lantern-light as light sources. Hats off to the Ransomes for a job well done! -RQ

James Gurney said...

Thanks for letting me know, Roberto. James and Lisa do wonderful books.