Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kai Margrander's Favorite Things

The print edition of Glamour magazine in Germany regularly asks its editors where they have been getting inspiration lately. This time it was fashion designer Kai Margrander's turn. 

He mentioned the book The Great Gatsby, the Café de Flore in Paris, his Morgan silk jacket....and Dinotopia. He says: "On a stroll through Tumblr, I discovered the whimsical fantasy paintings of the 54-year-old U.S. illustrator. One of his favorite subjects: dinosaurs."

Mr. Margrander's other favorite things include his garden in Lower Bavaria, the song "Nagh el Borda" by Oum Kalthoum, Star Wars, and the word "Absolutely!"
Thanks, Mr. Margrander! Kai Margrander's blog: "The Talented Mr. M"
Courtesy of the print edition of Glamour magazine, German edition, February 2013 issue.
The original painting of "Garden of Hope" is still on view through March 13 in New Hampshire.


Tom Hart said...

I love to see cross-pollination in the arts. Being a Project Runway junkie, I was happy, but not particularly surprised, to see that a fashion designer recognizes your talents. I hope Kai also takes a look at Gurney Journey.

Aaron said...

ALRIGHT!!!!,....Your up there with Star Wars Dude, that says something.
(or maybe not, but hey I always say the glass is half full, right).

James Gurney said...

William, sorry to tooting my horn, but it's so unheard of for me to be associated with anything to do with Glamour, that I had to laugh. If they saw me right now in my old worn out plaid shirt, they might have changed their mind.