Friday, March 15, 2013

Martin Rico Exhibition

The first-ever comprehensive exhibition of the landscape paintings of Martin Rico y Ortega (Spanish, 1833-1908) is currently on exhibition at the Meadows museum at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

The exhibit features 106 works of art, including paintings, drawings, and sketchbooks, with sparkling views of Paris, Venice, and Madrid.

According to the museum, "Rico championed the technique of painting en plein air, famously painting while stationed in gondolas throughout the Venetian canals."

(Video link) The show is the fruit of a longstanding collaboration between the Meadows museum and the Prado in Madrid. It will continue through July 7.
"Impressions of Europe: 19th-Century Vistas by Martín Rico"
Article on the show in Art Daily

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William R. Moore said...

Thanks for the heads up. I live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, and was not aware of this exhibit.

PatternGhost said...


I called the museum shop and they have the catalog available for order. I didn't know if you were aware one was available. Hopefully my copy should be arriving in the mail soon.


James Gurney said...

Thanks, Richard. Yes, thanks. They told me that the first printing of the catalog sold out and they're expecting the second printing soon. I haven't seen the catalog yet, but I'm expecting to do a blog review to spotlight it when I receive a copy.

anticaria said...

hi james, very interesting blog..

i assume by now you've gotten your copy of the catalogue; i was lucky to secure an early copy a few months back and it is indeed fabulous.. along with sánchez-perrier, de haes and sorolla, rico represents a tradition of spanish 19th-century painting 'en plein air' which, in my humble opinion, vastly surpasses the technical mastery of anything the french impressionists ever did..

sadly, i have yet to drive to dallas to see this amazing gathering of martín rico paintings and drawings at the meadows gallery, but i intend to do so in the next 2 weeks.. have you had the opportunity to go see it?

incidentally, it is perplexing to me how any art lovers in the dallas-fort worth metro area can be so out of touch with their own local art scene -as per another poster's comment- that they would not have heard of this highly-anticipated retrospective well before it opened.. the meadows is such a priceless gem [especially in light of their historic partnership with the world-renowned prado museum in madrid], that i would've assumed anyone in the immediate dallas-fort worth area would check the meadows' website 'regularly' for upcoming shows, etc. as a matter of course..

again, congrats on your blog and thanks for helping to spread the word about what's on at the meadows and elsewhere!

James Gurney said...

Anticaria, I just got a copy of the catalog a few days ago, and I agree, it's beautiful. I have always been a huge fan of Rico and Madrazo and Sanchez Perrier and some of the other amazing Spanish plein air painters. It's great that Rico is getting his due. I'll do a post soon about the catalog. I'm afraid I will have to miss the exhibit itself, though--just too far!