Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey

We enjoyed the first day of the Plein Air convention in Monterey, California, where more than 800 artists from nine countries have assembled to paint together. Organizer Eric Rhoads claims it's the largest congregation of outdoor oil painters in history.

I haven't broken out the oils yet because I didn't have any solvent, but I had fun with watercolors. This is a view of the rocks near the Fisherman's Wharf. It's about 5x8 inches.

I took a photo of the scene that I was painting and then superimposed the painting over the photo, after the fact. It's a good way to check the drawing and the values, kind of like using a calculator after an abacus.

We chose a spot next to the music buskers, so we were entertained for the two hours that we sat there. There are about 70 instructors moving about and talking to the students--a really supportive atmosphere.
Plein Air Convention


Nick said...

That's beautiful! I think I've only ever been to Monterey once, when I was 4 years old. Some of my happiest childhood memories were spent in San Fran, Monterey and San Jose so this is very nostalgic for me.

Thanks for this!

Eric said...

I know that spot very well. I go there every October for a library conference. I bet it must be inspiring to be there with so many talented artists!

helen said...

All lovely.

Gary said...

James, does your comment about being entertained by the buskers for the two hours you sat there indicate that this 5x7 was accomplished in two hours? I've often wondered how long some of your (and other artists) "little sketches/studies" aka masterworks take to complete, just as a sort of benchmark for the days and weeks it might take me to do a half-decent sketch. Thanks, Gary

Matt Sterbenz said...

James I have an extra brush tank and solvent if you need some. Since I drove here I brought my whole studio with me.

It was great meeting you last night as well! Thank you for signing my books.

Celia said...

That's my idea of a dream vacation. Great photo of your watercolor and the subject.

cale ajioka said...

very nice! Now come up to the Bay Area and visit!

Unknown said...

Amazing and beautiful Fishermans Lights