Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Most Beautiful Abandoned Places

If you like eerily beautiful abandoned places, check out this portfolio of 33 of the best.

Here's an abandoned Russian military rocket factory.

....and Christ of the Abyss at San Fruttuoso, Italy
The 33 of the most beautiful abandoned places.


Everett Patterson said...

These are amazing! I'm not sure "Christ of the Abyss" counts as an "abandoned" place - the statue was placed underwater deliberately by the sculptor.

Celia said...

What incredible places, it would be fantastic to travel to see all those places.

Tom Sarmo said...

Nice photos--and I very much like the idea of abandoned military rocket factories

K_tigress said...

That abandoned rocket place is fascinating. Would make great reference for a scifi story/image.

MandiPants1026 said...

These photos are so fantastic, although i think that if i was scuba diving and came across "Christ of the Abyss" I would soil my diving suit…. can u just imagine freaking out if u didn't know it was there? I would LOVE to see the amusement park in Japan, and the lost city in NYC!!

mactr0nise said...

I usually source for abandoned places at Where do you source yours? And the photos look amazing, which camera did you use to capture them?